Our Products

American Composting™, Inc. brand products are scientifically formulated to provide an optimum growing medium for all your lawn and garden needs.

Produced with state-of-the-art composting technology, ACI’s soils and growing mixes are filled with nature’s own slow release organic nutrients and beneficial microorganisms. American Composting™, Inc. does not use artificial fertilizers or chemicals to achieve the superior quality of its brand products.

Soil Preparation:

Prepare your soil for planting by mixing 1 part Supersoil or Compost with 2 parts top soil.


Compost                                              $22.00 per cy                $2.70 per bag

Supersoil                                             $26.00 per cy                $3.25 per bag

Hardwood Mulch                                Wholesale: $23.00 & Retail: $33.00


Determine the number of cubic yards you need to cover.

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Please use one of the following links for more information about each of our 100% Organic products and their recommended usage:

Compost | Super Soil | Shredded Hardwood Mulch