ACI brand compost is a premium, organic product. Its beneficial microorganisms go to work immediately to transform even the poorest soils, adding valuable time-released nutrients and organic matter.


Soil Preparation:

Prepare your soil for planting by mixing 1 part Supersoil or Compost with 2 parts top soil.

  • Aerobically composted at temperatures in excess of 160° F
  • Contains beneficial microorganisms
  • Weed free and pathogen free
  • pH neutral – lower pH than most composts; does not tend to increase soil pH as it decomposes
  • Low salts
  • Contains a blend of premium composted organics: from multiple organic waste streams
  • Excellent value
  • Use compost liberally throughout your yard

Compost Properties

Product Weight

1 Cubic Yard (Dry): 900 lbs

1 Cubic Yard (Wet): 1300 lbs

Recommended Uses


  • Vegetable Gardens

    First time application – apply 4″ to 6″ of compost and mix it into the existing 8″ of soil. After the initial application apply an additional 3″ to 4″ each spring.

  • Flower Beds

    Apply at the same rates as suggested for vegetable gardens.

  • Lawns

    Apply a thin layer of compost, about ½ inch, to the top of lawns. Gently rake it in being careful not to pull out the grass. Water lightly to further work in the compost.

  • Trees & Shrubs

    Work 2″ to 3″ lightly into soil with a cultivator. Be careful not to disturb delicate shrub or tree roots

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