Compost Properties

Compost Properties

American Composting, Inc., produces its organic compost primarily from multiple organic waste streams, But can also include wood, paper, paper sludge, animal manures, animal by-products, biosolids, and other clean industrial organic wastes, All feed stocks have been tested to assure that they are suitable for composting, and will produce a high quality soil amendment suitable for lawns, gardens, horticultural, or agricultural applications. American Composting products include green waste, wood waste, grass, leaves and other organic waste (ie: food waste). Application rates vary from 500 to 6,000 lbs. per acre (12 to 140lbs./1,00 square feet) depending on soil type, and soil analysis. American Composting can also compost biosolids, along with grease trap waste and food waste. The compost has undergone a process to further reduce pathogens as defined by the U.S. EPA and meets or exceeds the requirements of the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) regulation number 22.801. The numbers in the table below are allowable maximums. The actual results will be much lower, and in some cases may be zero.




Parameter limit
Arsenic 54mg/kg
Cadmium 21 mg/kg
Chromium 1200mg/kg
Copper 1500mg/kg
Lead 300mg/kg
Mercury 17mg/kg
Parameter limit
Nickel 420mg/kg
Selenium 28mg/kg
Zink 2800mg/kg
Fecal 1000mg/kg
Salmonella 3MPN/g
pH 5.5 – 8.5


Organic matter and nutrient values depend on a number of factors including the feed stocks used. The following analytical pertains to this only.

NOTE: Green waste feedstock is as follows: yard waste, grass, brush, limbs, trees, etc.

Typical Compost Organic and Nutrient Values

Organic Matter 35% – 45%
Moisture Content 30% – 40%
Nitrogen 0% – 4%
Phosphorous 0% – 7%
Potassium 0% – 3-5%
pH 6-5 – 7.0 (normal conditions)
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