ACI brand Supersoil is a blend of approximately 30% sand and 70% of our premium compost. It has been mechanically screened to remove stones and debris.

Soil Preparation:

Prepare your soil for planting by mixing 1 part Supersoil or Compost with 2 parts top soil.





Compost                 $24.00 per cy                  $3.20 per bag

Supersoil                $28.00 per cy                  $3.75 per bag

Hardwood Mulch     Wholesale: $25.00 & Retail: $36.00

Product Weight

1 Cubic Yard (Dry): 1300 lbs

1 Cubic Yard (Wet): 1800 lbs


Supersoil Facts  Supersoil Material Safety Data


Supersoil is excellent for filling in low spots or leveling uneven areas in your lawn or garden. Supersoil cannot be used when potting.

Recommended Uses


  • New Lawns

    Supersoil works as an excellent base for new lawns. Apply 2″ to 4″ deep then apply seed or lay sod.

  • Established Lawns

    Use as a top dressing. Apply ½” to 1″, gently rake in, water lightly, then watch your grass take off!

  • Vegetable Gardens

    Add Supersoil to new or existing gardens where there is not enough existing soil to till in straight compost. Apply as much as needed to achieve the desired height.

  • Flower Beds

    Supersoil is the material of choice when constructing flower beds. Apply as much as needed to achieve the desired height.

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