Shredded Hardwood Mulch

A single-ground shredded hardwood bark mix that consists primarily of oak species bark.

It features a coarse texture and light brown color. This bark mixture breaks down more quickly than wood fiber mulch, adding vital organic content to the soil for plants to feed on.

When spread correctly, shredded hardwood bark can help moderate soil temperature, conserve moisture, prevent erosion and suppress weed growth.


Soil Preparation:

Prepare your soil for planting by mixing 1 part Supersoil or Compost with 2 parts top soil.

Product Weight

1 Cubic Yard: 613.3 lbs


Compost                 $24.00 per cy                  $3.20 per bag

Supersoil                $28.00 per cy                  $3.75 per bag

Hardwood Mulch     $18.00 per cy (bulk only)

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